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Take a look through the news stories we participated in covering our work.

WBTV - 9/2/22

Homeless population steadily increasing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg area

WFAE 90.7 - 4/20/2021

What's Being Done To Help Former 'Tent City' Residents And Reduce Homelessness?

REASON - 6/26/2021

Feeding the Homeless Should Not Be a Crime

FOX46 - 11/19/2020

Local groups collaborate to help homeless for Thanksgiving

SPECTRUM NEWS 1 - 8/14/2020

People Living in Charlotte "Tent City" Move to Avoid Arrest

ABC11 - 6/18/21

Charlotte council member suggests making it a crime to donate food or money to homeless...

MECKMIN - 2/21/2021

Tent City | How can we help our neighbors who have been displaced?

FOX46 - 12/14/2020

Nonprofit asks city council to demand residential eviction moratorium extension from state

WSOCTV - 8/14/2020

‘Tent city’ cleared after property owner forces homeless off land

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