HFTIC Open Letter

to Gov. Roy Cooper

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Sent to Gov. Cooper, Lt. Gov. Forest & the entire NC legislature

December 9, 2020


Dear Governor Roy Cooper,


The Hearts for the Invisible Charlotte Coalition is reaching out to you demand the extension of your executive order #171, providing eviction protection for the hundreds of thousands of households across North Carolina unable to pay their rents and facing eviction once the order expires on December 31, 2020. The National Council of State Housing Agencies reports that approximately 240,000 eviction filings will be submitted by January 2021. These impending evictions affect not just North Carolina residents who will be losing their apartments but the thousands of families and individuals who have already lost their apartments and are struggling to survive in hotels and motels across the state.


Here in Charlotte, NC, the largest metropolitan area in North Carolina, thousands upon thousands of families will start the new year with nowhere to go. Charlotte already has a large tent community of over 400 which has grown exponentially during the pandemic as well as multiple smaller tent communities that continue to become more public; their numbers grow daily.


Order #171 mirrors and clarifies the moratorium put forth by the CDC but with more than 80% of North Carolina’s counties exhibiting substantial and critical community spread of COVID-19, allowing the order to expire will directly contribute in creating an unprecedented public health crisis here in Charlotte and for the entirety of North Carolina. You have already executed strong and clear action to curb COVID-19 transmission through your institution of the new modified stay at home nighttime curfew order. This order needs to go hand in hand with extending Order #171. The citizens of North Carolina are without options now if the stay on evictions expires. By extending the order, you are ensuring the very survival of hundreds of thousands of your constituents and truly working for and serving the needs of the people. Act now to effectively stop North Carolina’s next pandemic, rampant homelessness and secure a brighter future for your constituents.


Thank you,


Hearts for the Invisible Coalition