Street Outreach is:

  • Meeting people where they are

  • Building rapport to prepare individuals for future housing and employment opportunities

  • Helping directly with connection to and navigation of services

Street Outreach remains an essential component in engaging with individuals who have been unsheltered long term or are experiencing their first time. Meeting individuals where they are with no judgment, upfront expectations, and a compassionate and empathetic heart is critical for build trust and providing encouragement in connecting with services. 

The HFTIC Street Outreach program strives to engage with individuals and families experiencing homelessness by connecting them to emergency services including emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent housing, mental and physical health care, substance abuse resources and basic survival supplies. About 80-90% of the people we engage through street outreach are BIPOC.


It is most common for us to serve persons living in places not meant for habitation such as wooded encampments, under bridges, bus stops, and benches through the county. We supply basic survival items such as sleeping bags, first aid, food, pet supplies and more.

While doing this work we have served hundreds of people who were not able to access services for various reasons such as not having a phone, lack of transportation, lack of physical mobility and/or mental capacity. 


We assist with these barriers by navigating individuals to resources like shelter, mental health and substance use services, employment options, while also providing assistance with retrieving identification and other important government documents and reunification with family and/or friends. We also advocate for housing provision to assist with ending homelessness through our outreach work.


With community partnerships and collaboration already in place, this allows us to be more effective in stewarding a homeless individual to the appropriate services. Our organization has just recently become a provider in the NCHMIS system, strengthening our ability to serve as well as efficiently acquire and document necessary client information for connection with agencies that provide homelessness services and for our county.

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